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What Keeps People From Having Guests Over?

1. Most people get bogged down with house cleaning when getting ready to have guests over. How clean should your house be?

The real secret is: everyday clean is just fine. Really! But if you must do a few extra things to fancy up the place, try these tips:

  • Put a new sponge in the kitchen sink
  • Empty the dishwasher before your guests arrive
  • Don't hide the trash cans
  • Put a fresh bar of soap in the bathroom
  • Free up space on your kitchen counter

2. How do you put together a menu everyone likes?

Don't try to please the world. And remember, you're home is not a restaurant or cafeteria.

  • It's not their last supper
  • Know the 75/25 formula: select foods YOU like
  • Heat is the killer in the kitchen

3. How do you make time to have friends/family over when life is so busy?

Whoever can come, that's the party! Never worry about who isn't there.

  • Throw a dart - pick a date
  • Gatherings can be short and sweet
  • What time of day do you have the most air in your balloon?

4. I'm tired after I've had company. How do you get guests to help with the clean up?

If you want happy helpers, understand that NO ONE loads the dishwasher like you do.

  • Never scold finger-lickers, pot-sniffers or taste-testers
  • Put a beautiful flower by the kitchen sink
  • Don't keep it a secret that you have yum-yums to go (called a doggie bag in the old days).
  • Clean as you go - have different helpers before/during/after the party
  • Ask a friend if he/she can come over for an hour the day after your party and help get things back to normal - it can be a very cool "after party"
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