Table of Contents

Chapter 1
It’s Really Not
About The Food

Chapter 2
Just Don’t Call It Dinner

Chapter 3
Celebrate Your Own Way

Chapter 4
Even A Goose
Doesn’t Do It Alone

Chapter 5
Cooking With Kids-
Ours and Theirs

Chapter 6
Honoring Life Events During Suffering, llness and Loss

Chapter 7
The Out Of Towners

Chapter 8
Hotsy-Totsy Parties

Chapter 9
Recipe and Menu Shortcuts

Chapter 10
The Door Bell Is Ringing - Ready Or Not: STOP!

Chapter 11
The Morning After

Food is the Frosting–
Company is the Cake

You Can Entertain Easier At Any Age

This book identifies challenges facing hosts, while offering practical advice for making it easier to welcome people into your home. Whether you're planning a hotsy-totsy party or just having a few friends in to talk politics over a pitcher of iced tea, it's always about staying connected. Oprah Winfrey recently said to Colin Cowie, who is referred to as the world's arbiter of style and event planning, "I think this country needs to do more entertaining." And when the actor Jamie Foxx visited the show, Oprah mentioned that she heard he gives great parties and asked what his secret was. His response was loud and clear: "It's not about what you serve or which pretty bowl you put the chicken in. It's about who you invite. It's all about the guests; they make the party."

The book has 101 juicy tips and delicious recipes, every one of which can be prepared at least twenty-four hours ahead of time.

Anyone of any age who wants to invite people into his or her home can use this book as a practical guide. How we adjust to welcoming people as we age, and as our life changes, is the stuffing of this book. The meat and potatoes of Food is the Frosting - Company is the Cake is about increasing our connections with family and friends.


NATIONAL REVIEW: "Maggie Marshal has all the right ingredients for a book on food and entertaining. After running a successful catering business, she blends entertaining savvy with her experience as a family caregiver to bring you this useful 'how to' guide. A fun, friendly book filled with delightful anecdotes, tasty dishes and practical tips (all 101 of them!)—focused on ways to stay connected with others while living life through both easy and challenging times. Eleven chapters include such titles as 'Celebrating Your Own Way,' 'Honoring Life Events during Suffering, Illness and Loss,' 'Recipe and Menu Shortcuts,' 'Hotsy-Totsy Parties' and 'It's Really Not About the Food.' Useful event planning forms are also included."
Family Caregiver Alliance National Center On Caregiving, Spring 2008  Volume 25, No. 2


"The treasure in the book is centered in the way Maggie Marshall invites you to read every page, even though you may feel too busy to do so. It's exactly the way she invites you to her table. For the hungry, edge-of-depletion, multi-tasking fools we have become, here is just the right meal. Until I read this book, I thought the ability to make people WANT to sit down and BE together had aged out of American life. It is a great antidote to the loneliness, physical and social isolation I see creeping into the life choices the young are making. Thanks for coming along with this simply terrific message, Maggie-and in the nick of time."
Kyle D. Pruett, M.D., Clinical Professor of Child Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine and internationally known author and child psychiatrist and expert on children, family relationships, and fathers.

"Entertaining shouldn't be so traumatic, but let's face it: having people over for a meal is enough to give some people hives. What everyone, even those who frequently invite guests, needs is the courage that Maggie Marshall pumps into readers of 'Food is the Frosting - Company is the Cake.' She calms fears with not only sage advice, based on a lifetime of experience, but with humor-and who doesn't have a funny story to tell about the dinner party from hell? Seasoning her encouraging words are non-intimidating recipes that speak of frequent-and successful-use. If they were good enough for Maggie and her friends, they will delight you and yours. Pick up the book, then pick up the phone to invite someone over for a little nosh and a lot of fear-free fun at your table. You'll all thank Maggie afterwards."
Eleanor Ostman, long-time food writer for the St. Paul Pioneer Press, food travel coordinator, and author of Always on Sunday, based on her "Sunday Tested Recipes" column.

"Maggie's chapter, 'Honoring Special Occasions During Suffering, Illness and Loss,' is something ALL people need to read!"
James MacLaren, 2005 ESPY Arthur Ashe Courage Award,
Honored into Ironman Hall of Fame, Worldwide Motivational Speaker

"Maggie Marshall is the consummate hostess! Her instructional book, 'Food is the Frosting - Company is the Cake' encapsulates the myriad of details that come with the art of entertaining, and does so with great warmth, humor and confidence. Maggie's parties are always celebrations of life, and her book teaches her readers how to make their own parties shine: from learning not to sweat the details to remembering that the joy of entertaining comes from the gathering itself, Maggie eases the stress of preparation by giving clear, straightforward instructions for party planning and yummy recipes, treating readers to delightful anecdotes along the way. Whether planning for a Hotsy-Totsy Party or just a quick, informal get-together, 'Food is the Frosting - Company is the Cake' is a wonderfully inviting book for all chefs, from the beginning cook to the expert caterer."
Anna Racanelli-Rauch, former Executive Chef, Redbook Magazine,
Anna's Temptations Cafe and Catering

"From Booger Muffins to Menopause Cookies, from Hoo Hoos to Yum Yums, Maggie Marshall shines. Her easygoing spirit is captivating as she gives tips to help meet the most challenging moments of entertaining. Maggie's chapter, 'Honoring Special Occasions During Suffering, Illness and Loss' is particularly poignant. In life we all face difficult times, yet we still need to celebrate to stay connected, and Maggie shows you how. Reading her book is like having your best friend right beside you. Kudos to Maggie on a job well done!"
Lorie Van Tilburg, Executive Director, Southern Caregiver Resource Center, San Diego, CA

"Maggie Marshall has written a very interesting and entertaining book that isn't a how to entertain or a cookbook; it is in fact a wonderful blend of both. The advice is practical and fun and the recipes are easy to follow and well set up. I have been cooking, catering, and entertaining professionally all of my life. I found many of Maggie's ideas both new and helpful. From a simple two-couple dinner; to the must-impress spread for the boss; to the holiday bash for thirty people, this work will calm you down and make you laugh and get you organized. This is one that will be kept in the kitchen and used all of the time."
Kirsten Larsen, author of only one slice, Danish Sandwiches, Smorrebrod, The Dame of Sandwich